State Law guarantees the public has a right to access government records.

The Texas General Office is committed to open government and has staff dedicated to ensuring that all requests for public information are responded to quickly and efficiently. Our Public Information Officer is your contact for all requests of public information held by the Land Office. All Public Information requests must be made in writing. Please feel free to use this web form to submit your Public Information request, or write to the physical address shown on this page.

Public Information Officer

Hadassah Schloss
Texas General Land Office
1700 N. Congress Ave.
Austin, Texas 78701
Phone: 512.463.9072

You may submit the form below regarding a public information request:

Maximum Length of 255
*NOTE: Certain exceptions to disclosure of public information exist under the Texas Public Information Act to protect against disclosure of confidential or privileged information.  If it appears that an exception to disclosure exists, an open records opinion will be sought from the Office of the Attorney General regarding your request.