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The GLO has updated the vessel registration process.

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The Texas General Land Office Oil Spill Prevention and Response Program works to ensure that all oil-carrying vessels comply with state, federal and international regulations relating to oil spill prevention and response. The Federal Oil Pollution Act 1990 states tankers and tank barges that carry oil as cargo must have a Vessel Response Plan on board at all times.

International law states all cargo, passenger or other vessels that are greater than 400 gross tons must prepare a Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan.

Owners and operators of vessels covered under these laws are required to register with the Land Office prior to entering Texas coastal waters.  To do this, the company must first contact the Land Office at to obtain an account and password.
Vessel Response Planning documents may be found on the FORMS PAGE .

Note: Only the authorized account representative(s) for each vessel owner/operator are permitted to enter, modify or delete data from this database. Unauthorized persons who destroy or modify the data on this site may be prosecuted. Please contact the Texas General Land Office Oil Spill Prevention and Response Division at 512-463-6740 or email OSCAR Support for further information.